Will You Pass a Drug Test with HHC?

Learn about the risks associated with taking HHC and how to pass a drug test if you have an imminent one scheduled.

Will You Pass a Drug Test with HHC?

Technically, there is no solid evidence to suggest that HHC will or will not appear on a drug test. While there is no evidence to suggest that HHC does not appear on a drug test, there is also no evidence to suggest that it does. It is possible that HHC will not convert to 11-hydroxy-THC when ingested, which is a common metabolite in drug testing. Some users have reported passing a drug test while using HHC, while others have reported that it tested positive for drugs.

Other factors such as body fat percentage, how often HHC is consumed, and personal sensitivity to the medication can also affect the results of a drug test. Unfortunately, the trait that makes delta-8 so attractive because of its close chemical relationship with standard THC is the factor that guarantees that it will also be detected in a drug test. If you have an imminent drug test or have an important job interview scheduled for the near future, you should be aware of the risks associated with taking HHC. The first step in passing a drug test is to be well-informed and properly prepared, finding out what type of drug test you will face and what type of compounds the test is detecting.

HHC is chemically similar to THC and stays in the body for a similar period of time, so make sure you understand the risks if you take a drug test soon. Urine drug testing is the preferred testing method, as they are relatively easy to obtain and give fairly accurate results. The only safe way to pass standard drug tests is to abstain from HHC and other THC analogs for at least 3 weeks before the scheduled test. However, if you consume a lot of HHC or use it together with other cannabinoids, you may not pass a drug test even though you haven't consumed any THC.

Since it is a THC acetate, it is likely to break down into the THC metabolite sought by drug tests.